Patient Information

New Patients

We get asked a lot about what to expect when you first visit SA Dental Specialists so we thought we would take some time to tell you beforehand. When you first arrive, we will greet you and help you get familiar with your surroundings. We will need to know a few things about you, so we will ask some questions; don’t be shy, we love to chat and meet new people!

Tea and coffee facilities are available, as well as fresh spring water. When it is time to enter one of our rooms, one of our lovely assistants will collect you and help you navigate to where you need to go. We aim to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. If there’s anything we can ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

At SA Dental Specialists we know that some people have not visited the dentist in a while because they are afraid, or think that we will tell them off or even because they are too embarrassed to smile. To them, we say you are not alone. Countless people put off seeing the dentist because of bad past experiences, or they have had trouble getting numb. We understand many of the people we have helped, used to view the dentist as a horrible monster.

We are different, we will listen to your concerns, and we will take things slow and at your own pace, make sure you are completely numb and treat you with the utmost compassion and respect. We won’t blame you for what has happened but rather help you move forward.

We will sit down with you and talk to you about your teeth using everyday language, give you estimates of costs and time to complete the treatment as well as answer any questions you may have. Gentle, caring dentistry is to be expected, and many of our patients do not even realise that they have any treatment done. If you still are not convinced, ask us about having some dreamy sedation so you will not feel a thing. We will strive to providethe best quality dentistry that is appropriate for you. We are not the cheapest around, but that does not mean that we will try and sell you something complex if there is a simple solution. If we wouldn’t do it to our mothers, we would not dream of doing it to you.

Doing things right the first time costs less than re-doing cheap work that has failed.


At SA Dental Specialists, we see both dental referred and self-referred patients. Our specialist team strive to ensure that we are available to see patients on time with a relatively short waiting time.

Prior to the initial consultation, the patient will be contacted by our Front Desk Coordinator, whom will issue the patient with an information package. This package includes a brochure about our specialists and a medical history form. Please ensure that you read the information package and complete the medical history form prior to the consultation. You can bring this to your consultation; alternatively, you can post, email or fax the medical history form to us prior to the consultation.

Patients must remember to bring the following:

  • Private health insurance card
  • Department of Veteran Affairs card
  • Referral letter or radiographs you may have been provided.

If the patient has been sent for any additional radiographing, such as an OPG or Cone Beam by the referring dentist, could you please ensure that these are taken prior to the consultation.

What patients are provided at the consultation

At the initial consultation, the specialist will firstly access the patient and discuss any potential procedures. The specialist will outline all the benefits and potential risks of treatment with the patient. The specialist may organise a second consultation visit if they deem the patient needs further radiographing. At the end of the consultation, the specialist will provide the patient with a treatment plan. The treatment plan will include the following:

Item numbers used for private health insured patients

  • Duration and number of visits
  • Costs of the procedure

At the commencement of the consultation, the patient will be greeted by one of our front desk staff or practice manager, who will organise:

  • Any future appointments
  • Collate together all documentation (pre/post-operative instructions, treatment plan and consent for surgery)

Our commitment to excellence, separates us from other practices.

We aim to provide the very best in dental healthcare and ensure that every person who walks through our door receives the very best care available.