We provide quality oral surgery care and the ultimate patient experience for everyone who walks though our door. We want you to be involved and ask many questions as we get to know each other. We believe in making your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We will listen to your concerns, and we will take things slow and at your own pace. We will treat you with the utmost compassion and respect. We won't blame you for what has happened but rather help you move forward.



Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people will either have their wisdom teeth out or know someone who will. I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories. At SA Dental Specialists we are here to help you through the procedure.


Guided Tissue Regeneration & Guided Bone Regeneration

These surgical procedures direct the growth of new bone and gingival tissue (gum) at sites with insufficient volumes of bone or gingiva for proper function, aesthetics or prosthetic restoration.


Sinus Augmentation

After tooth extraction, the bone that used to host the tooth is undergoing partial resorption, and the sinus enlarges, so the overall bone height between the crest of the bone to the floor of the sinus decreases. When there is not enough height of the upper back jawbone to place an implant, we need to perform a sinus lift procedure.